Buy Big Green Egg Ceramic BBQ – Should You Buy One?

Looking to buy Big Green Egg Ceramic BBQ? Should You Spend That Much Money On A Big Green Egg? Is It Worth It? Is It Value For Money?

These are all questions the author of this article and owner of totallyhomely asked himself, many times, for two years before buying the Big Green Egg XL.

Is it worth it? I completely believe so, having used it already 4 times in the 7 days since it arrived.

The Big Green Egg Is Not A Traditional BBQ

What you must first realise is that the Big Green Egg is not just a BBQ. It is a BBQ, but a much more hands off BBQ than you will likely have owned before, meaning easily cooked not burned sausages, burgers, steaks etc without you constantly having to stand there and turn everything over to avoid serving food completely covered by charcoal burns!

If using it as a simple BBQ, you just get it to the right temperature (very easy to control the temperature using the top and bottom vents), add your food, turn it half way through and then serve lovely, smokey sausages, burgers, steaks etc.

However, where it becomes more fun is using what they call the conveggtor, which then displaces the heat to go all around the dome, particularly the top of the dome, so that you can now cook roask chicken, the Christmas turkey (it’s an all year round BBQ oven), lamb kleftiko or slow roasted leg of lamb, rib of beef or anything, all safely without any fires which you will have tried to avoid on a traditional BBQ.

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