How To Make Eggy Bread

How To Make Eggy BreadHow do you make eggy bread? That simple, delicious, tasty breakfast or brunch snack which is a great way to start the day. In this recipe we look at how to make eggy bread.


  • Your preferred choice of bread – the thicker the softer the better to soak up the bread.
  • Two eggs.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper
  • Milk if you want to string out the eggs further (but richer without milk)

How Do You Make Eggy Bread

Super Short Method For How Do You Make Eggy Bread

Break eggs into bowl, addd salt & pepper, whisk.

Frying pan, oil or butter, heat until warm.

Dunk bread into eggy mixture until covered both sides.

Transfer to pan.

2-3 minutes first side (until golden brown).

1-2 minutes second side (until golden brown).

Serve with ketchup, or not.

Longer Method For How To Make Eggy Bread

Break the eggs into a bowl. Be careful not to drop any shell in to the bowl. If you do, use a half of the egg shell to scoop the piece of egg back out (the small piece of shall is naturally drawn to the big piece of shell – ah, cute).

Add a pinch of salt (or two or three grinds from a salt grinder) and the same of black pepper (white pepper if you prefer for it not to show on the bread).

Whisky with an egg whisk or a fork if you do not have one.

Whisk until it is a creamy yellow colour throughout without any white specks of egg yolk showing.

Take a frying pan large enough to take the two slices of bread and put it on a medium heat.

Add a large knob of butter or a tablespoon of olive oil to the frying pan and wait one minute to warm up.

Go back to the eggy bread, pick up one slice of bread at a time and push it down into the bowl on one side, then turn it over and push it down on the other side.

Once it is properly soaked, transfer to the frying pan, then repeat the process with the other piece of bread.

Wait around two minutes, before lifting up one of the slices of bread with a plastic spatula so as not to scrape the pan.

If it is nice and brown, it is time to flip it and the other slice over in the pan.

If not, wait another minute and check again.

Once both are flipped, it should cook quicker on the second side, so wait around a minute or so before checking.

In the meantime, get the plates out, get the ketchup out, squirt a big blog on each plate (or not if you really don’t want to, its a choice (the wrong one, just sayin)), then go back to the pan, slide out the eggy bread and eat away to your heart’s content.

Oh, its good. Really good!