Cafe Near Me

Cafe Near Me – DIscover How To Find The Best Cafes Near Me In Only A Few Minutes, Wherever You Are In The World. Find A Cafe Near Me Now…

Whether you are visiting somewhere new for business or leisure, or just want to find a cafe on your doorstep that you haven’t yet discovered, our find a Cafe Near Me search system will work wherever you are in the World.

Find all the cafes near me close to where you are now, or where you are going to be in the next few days, weeks or months.

What Type Of Cafe Near Me Are You Looking For?

The first part of finding the best cafe near me is to decide which type of cafe you are looking for.

Are you looking for a proper small, niche coffee shop, possibly independently owned and small, or are you looking for a bigger place to have a coffee where you can lose yourself in the corner and do some work or read for an hour or two?

It is important to make your decision, as the first type, the small coffee shop, will definitely fall under the cafe near me search term.

However, the second one may fall into a bar or restaurant category, so whilst it still serves tea and coffee, it also offers drinks and larger meals too.

It is important to make this distinction before you head off on your search for a cafe near me.

Where Are You?

The next thing to remember is that if you are not at your home or usual business location, you need to ensure that you are searching close to where you are, or if you are searching for the future, where you are going to be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in London, Hawaii, Sydney, New York or Ontario, so long as you know where you want to search and hone in on that location, then the rest of this search is sure to produce the best cafe near me for your needs.

Finding Your Cafe Near Me

Now that you know where you are searching, let’s start finding.

1. Enter The Location Name Into The Map APP

Either open on a different tab on the device that you are reading this in, or preferably a completely different browsing device such as your phone or ipade, so that you do not lose this page as there are several steps to come which are vital to the process of finding the best cafe near me for your needs.

Open Google or Apple Maps, or your map app of choice, and the first thing to do is to enter the location that you are looking to find the cafe near me.

For example, if you are looking for a Cafe Near Me in New York, the first thing to do is to enter New York into your map app, so that you are then presented with the search results below:

Cafe Near Me

Enter The Term “Cafe”

Now that you have the location that you are searching for a cafe, clear the name from the browser (ie where it says New York in the image above) and replace it with “Cafe” as shown below, then press enter.

You will now be presented with all of the cafes in the New York area.

Cafes Near Me

3. Find The Cafe Near Me Right Where You Want It

Now that is clearly a huge area, and you probably want to narrow down the search area to be closer to where you are now or where you are going to be when you want to find your cafe.

Simply zoom in by stretching with your fingers to get closer to the area where you are looking for a cafe.

As shown below where I have zoomed in on Brooklyn.

Once you have zoomed in on the area where you are or are going to be, click the “Search This Area” box at the top to find cafes in this precise area, then you will be presented with the results below:

Cafe Near Me Brooklyn

Now you can move onto the next, and perhaps the most important section when it comes to finding the best cafe near me.

Ratings For Your Cafe Near Me

Now you will be presented with a wide range of cafes near to where you are or are going to be.

You don’t just want any cafe near me though, do you?

You want the best cafe near me.

How do you decide which is the best cafe near me?

You use the trust and the power of Google or Apple, depending on your preferred map app, to help you find the best one.

Thousands of people are likely to have visited each of the cafes you are now looking at.

Luckily for you, some of those people will have left reviews for these cafes, so you can now use the power of these reviews to find the best cafe near me for your needs.

1. Narrow Down Your Search

The first step is to just look at cafes with reviews of 4 stars or more.

Any less than this suggests that the cafe is not providing a great service, unless the point below applies.

2. 20 Rewviews Or More

Up to 20 reviews, the star rating system is not very consistent.

However, once it passes 20, you can be fairly confident that the overall review score is a fair reflection the service and food and drink provided by the cafe.

So now you have cafes with 20 or more reviews with a score of over 4 stars, it is time to get to the final part in your cafe near me search.

3. Read The Reviews

Now you want to read some of the reviews.

If you are a coffee aficionado, you are looking for people singing the praises of the barista and the wonderful aromas from the coffee.

If you are after wonderful pastries, you want to see in the reviews people raving about the freshness and sweetness of the pastries

Looking for amazing bacon butties? Look for people talking about the succulence of the bacon and the crisp, freshness of it, in a soft, luscious baguetter or bap.

Once you find a few reviews singing the praises that precisely reflect the cafe near me that you are looking for, you are onto a winnner!

Directions To Your Chosen Cafe Near Me

When you are on the Google listing for the cafe you have chosen, now all you have to do is to get directions to it.

For example, if I want to get to Cafe Nube below, all I need to do is click on the blue “Directions” button, choose whether I am driving (car icon) or walking (person icon) and then I will be given directions to get there.

Cafe Nube Near Me Brooklyn

Enjoy Your Cafe Near Me!

Next, enjoy your cafe near me, and remember, if you really love it, leave them a review so the next person looking can find them too!