How To Clean White Soles Of Shoes

Have you got some lovely sneakers or trainers with white rubber soles, that are no longer white? Fixed! See how to clean white soles of shoes easily!

Did you once have lovely sneakers, trainers, birkenstocks, or any kind of casual shoe with white rubber soles and now they look like this forlorn, browny sole?

how to clean white rubber on shoes

Great news, this is very easily (and reasonably inexpensively fixed)!

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Step 1 – How To Clean Your White Rubber Soles

First, you have to buy this wondrous product, that will not only clean your shoes, but will also get wax off a wall and do many other amazing things!

Mr Siga Multi-Functional Eraser Sponge:

Step 2 – Cleaning Your White Rubber Soles

Once you have your sponges, you take one from the box, run it under the cold tap, then squeeze out most of the water, then you start wiping, just like this:

These cleaning sponges really are amazing.

I only show a small amount of cleaning in the short, but if you take your time you can get the trainers back to virtually new.

I was just after a quick glow up, but even with a two minute clean you can see the difference when you compare the before and after below:

how to clean white soles of shoes

For cleaning all sorts, here they are again:

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