How To Get Wax Off A Wall

Need To Know How To Get Wax Off A Wall? So Did We After A Christmas Party Candle Reindeer With 4 Candles Fell Onto The Wall Behind Our Wood Burner……

how to get candle wax off a wallThe culprit is on the right hand side. At first, it looks like an innocent, fun Christmas candle, and it was, until someone danced a little too frantically in front of it, fell backwards and sent it flying.

Wax went high up the wall and down to the floor too.

Our living room wall went from a normal wall to one that looked like it should be living inside a cave with all of the other stalagmites and stalactites!

We are searching for the first pictures of the wall, but it was thickly covered in wax as these were big candles as you can see from Rudolph above!

There was wax everywhere, and as the living room wall had recently been painted, we were a little upset to look at it to say the least, but also a bit terrified to tackle the problem for fear of making things worse.

Confessional time – it took us 17 months to complete this cleaning process!

We are writing this article so you don’t have to wait or procrastinate for that length of time!

Let’s move on to step one of the candle wax off wall cleaning process!

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1. Removing The Candle Wax From The Walls

The first step is to remove the thick candle wax from the walls.

This is the white candle wax that has solidified again and turned itself back into a candle, sadly now it is just on your wall not on a nice candelabra!

All you need for this is an old credit, debit or store loyalty card that is quite firm (some are floppier than others).

Slowly, and gently (this took a few hours for us as there was so much wax on the walls) you just gently work from the most outer point of the wax melee and just work across to the other side.

Repeat this process until slowly but surely, you have removed all of the surplus wax.

This is what you will now be left with:

how to get candle wax off wall

how to get candle wax off the wall

In some ways, you feel like you have made the wall worse.

Whilst the white wax has gone, you now have a shiny wall that looks dreadful against the rest of the newly painted wall (sob, sob).

We did this part of the process a few days after the first wax hit the wall.

It was the next part that we then stalled on, leaving the wall shiny for 17 months until we found this wondrous solution that returned the walls to nearly as good as new.

2. Removing The Shiny Residue From Your Wall

How do you take your shiny candle wax residue wall from the pictures above, and take it back to nearly as good as new like here:

how to get wax off the wall

how to get wax off wall

Here is the magical solution:

My SIGA Multi Functional Eraser Sponge

We could not believe that these little, relatively cheap, sponges, were going to work their magic on our wall, but having brought them to remove dirt from the white rubber soles of our sneakers/trainers, we thought we had nothing to lose, 17 months on from Candlewaxgate as we affectionately called it, we gave it a go.

We decided to test a small area.

We took one of the wonderful little sponges, soaked it under cold water, squeezed it out then took it to test a small area of the wall.

Almost instantly it looked like it had worked, but the wall was still wet, so we took some kitchen towel to it, compared it to the rest of the waxy sheeny area, and it was almost as good as new.


I frantically cleaned and dried the rest of the wall, following the same process, and hey presto, we were delighted with the results:

As we say above, test each part of the process on a smaller part of the wall to see that it works for you as well as it did for us, but if it does, happy wall restoration day to you!

Want to know and see how to clean the white rubber soles of your sneakers or trainers:>>

We just hope that you managed to find this article and process quicker than the 17 months that it took us!

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